Fundamentals of material science and engineering

    We are presently in the era of technology. The development of new technologies need a lot of materials, and for that purpose, we want to know the properties of the materials. We can learn more about the knowledge of the properties of the materials and other behavior using materials science concepts. Materials science provides the basic concept for all kind of engineering and technology. Evolution of materials science concept and studies starts from Stone Age. The evolution of materials science has different phases of development under Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Steel age.

    Material science is the combination of physical, chemical and engineering phenomenon of the particular materials. Nowadays, technology is growing like a monster. This growth creates the requirement for many materials. The requirements of new metals lead a formation of new materials like alloy and other things. The properties will differ when compares to the individual usage and combinational usage. The efficient of the materials will increase when some other materials mixing in the particular ratio. Robert W. Chen was the father of material science. Material science had a crucial development when the solid-state physics is in the birth state. Modern material science concepts and properties are evolved from the Metallurgy. In the late 19th century, Josiah Willard Gibbs explained about thermodynamic properties of the atomic structure in various phases related to the physical condition of the materials. In late 20th century is the important era for the growth of the material science.

    The revolutionary products of materials science are plastics, rubber, semiconductors, ceramics etc. Materials science is the backbone of the nanotechnology. The nanotechnology needs the materials science concepts to know the particular behavior in the definite size and shape. The nanotechnology deals with the manipulation of materials according to our requirement on atomic, molecular atoms. Materials science are the in-depth study of the physical structure, chemical bonding and also the behavior of the atoms with respect to the temperature, pressure and also other aspects. Nanotechnology is the emerging technology with the powerful products in very small size. The designing of products in very small scale requires the material science concepts because of the properties of different atoms and molecules in different aspects and ratio. Nanotechnology is the mainly based on the materials science concepts and observations only.

    Nanotechnology is the future technology where the most of the materials science is applicable. The development in the materials science results in the development in the nanotechnology. The advanced development in the material science like polymers, alloys, plastics, and ceramics are mostly used in the day to day life. In recent days the life of the people is not fulfilled without these advanced materials. The use of advanced materials is increasing day by day. The development in the materials science leads many health-related issues in the people. Recent days the research on nanotechnology fields is increasing like a monster. Nanotechnology leads the powerful world in the nano-sized devices.

    Gadgets and many other devices are increasing day to day because of the material science development. The products like plastics, ceramics and some other products are causing huge effects on the people and also to the ecology. These products are the signature of the advanced materials science. The plastics are the worst advanced material science product and that product is the worst creature for the human and the environment. The use of plastics is very dangerous to the health and the environment. The advancement must be helpful to the human kind but it must not be harmful to the environment. Thus we hope that you understood the fundamentals of material science and engineering.

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