Difference between nanoscience and nanotechnology

    We are blessed to live in the technology era. The technology is improving day by day. we started with the normal things which are naked to our eyes and we are now working in the Nano seized particles. The Nano seized particles are now more powerful than the naked things. In present days the more research work is carried out in the Nanotechnology. The main confusion in the people is that the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are same or different. Actually Nanoscience and Nanotech both are different from each other.

    The basic concepts of Nanoscience and nanotechnology are first proposed by Richard Phillips Feynman, at California Institute of Technology on December 29, 1959. He is considering the father of Nanotechnology. In his talk, he described the manipulation ability of individual atoms and molecules of the components. After Richard Phillips, Norio Taniguchi has coined the term nanotechnology. In 1965 he received the Nobel prize in Physics along with the Julian Schwinger and Shin’ichirō Tomonaga
    Nanoscience is the combination of two words Nano and science. “Nano” is the term used to refer to the small size and the term science refers to observation of nature’s events and situation to formulate the principals based on the observed facts. The combination of two words refers to the scientific study of the Nano sized particles.

    Nanotechnology is also the combination of two words Nano and Technology. The term Technology refers to applying the scientific knowledge for the practical purpose in the particular field. The combination of two words refers to applying the practical application in the Nano seized particles.
    Nanoscience is the study of basic structures and the characterization of the particular Nano seized compounds. If we consider the gold Nanoparticles, Nanoscience which deals with the physical properties, chemical properties, atomic and molecular bonds characteristics. Nanoscience is the convergence study of physics chemistry and materials science. In other ways, we can describe that the observation of the Nano sized particle properties in particular size length and atomic bonds etc.
    At present we are blessed with the advanced technology products like phone, laptops, and many others. The technology will never stop developing. Now a day we need more and more advanced technology products and that to the sized must be small, this leads the advancement in nanotechnology. In the present days, we are having the products that are more powerful in the volume of sugar cube than the existing one. The advancement in Nanotechnology results in the powerful products in very small size. The Nanotechnology is the application of knowledge acquired from the Nanoscience.

    Nanotech is the emerging technology in recent days. Nowadays people are looking for new powerful products in small size than the existing one. In past, the invention is based on the necessity but today scenario is completely changed for the necessity to the size and power of the product. If we consider the evaluation of cellphone, the first cell phone invented for portability and contacting with other but in present days the cellphones are turned into a miniature of computers.
    Nanotechnology is totally depended on the nanoscience. We can’t use the nanotechnology technique without the knowledge of the Nanoscience. The first step in every Nanotechnology products is to get the knowledge of the materials using the Nanoscience. Day today new products are coming to market making the world with advanced technologies.

    The main difference between the nanotechnology and nanoscience is that the Nanotechnology is depended on the concepts of Nanoscience but it is independent technology. Nanoscience is the study of the basic properties of the materials and compounds. Nanotechnology depends on the scientific observation of the concepts and study from the natural or research events on particular properties. Nanoscience is the combinational study of physics, chemistry and material science. In Nanoscience, we can able to get the deepen knowledge about the nanoparticles. In nanotechnology, we use the concepts and observation to form a new product.

    Nanotechnology and Nanoscience are correlated to each other but these two are different domains and works. In recent days people are mostly looking for the technology advancement but the people are becoming lazier. We want to use the Nanotechnology for our advancement in life but we won’t totally depend on the technology. The addiction to the technology is very dangerous to our health.

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