Dr. Magdalena Wypij

Activity of silver nanoparticles synthesized from Streptomyces xinghaiensis OF1 strain against pathogenic microorganisms and their cytotoxic effect towards mouse fibroblasts (3T3) and HeLa cell line

Sergey Lebedev

Dr. Sergey Lebedev

Layering Nanocomposite - Phonon Resonators For Adjusting The Electron – Phonon Interaction

Dr. Krzysztof A. Bogdanowicz

Building ionic nanochannels based on liquid crystalline materials

dr. onkar mangla

Dr. Onkar Mangla

Metal Oxide Semiconductor Capacitors based on Zirconium Oxide High-k Gate Dielectric Nanolayers

dr. omwati rana

Dr. Omwati Rana

Interface modificatio for enhancing the conduction mechanisms in 2,2',7,7' - tetrakis (N,N-diphenylamine) - 9,9' - spirobifluorene (Spiro-TAD) nano layers for optoelectronic applications

dr. gvs murthy

Dr. GVS Murthy

Magnetization Study of the Sensitization in SS304LN

Dr. Manish S. Thakur

Detection of food toxins and cancer biomarkers using nano based dipstick and metal enhanced chemiluminescence biosensing techniques

Ms. Bharti Gaba

Vitamin E loaded naringenin nanoemulsion intended for intranasal delivery for the management of Parkinson's disease by reducing the oxidative stress

Ms. Sabah Farhat

Identification of risk factors for pregnancy induced hypertension

Dr. Ahmad Darban

Production of nano rare earth elements through mechanical activation by planetary ball mill from phosphate mineral residual waste and its surface properties

Dr. Khansaa Al-Essa

Calorimetric measurement of interface enthalpy of nanocrystalline Silver(I) Oxide (Ag2O)

Dr. Keyur Bhatt

Callix`{`6`}`pyrrole modified palladium nanoparticles: Recognition and binding of Arsenic(III) from aqueous solution